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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Maps for Business and Pleasure

The first thing I look for when we receive a business brochure to a conference is the information about the location. When the brochure has a detailed map it is so helpful. We have an atlas but when we need something more detailed that brochure is like our Bible. Maps for Business and Pleasure are made at Location Maps. They have online digital maps and printed maps. Many businesses in the commerce, finance & industry, education and the health service fields have used their services to optimize their brochures and newsletters.

Location Maps has gained a reputation for innovative design, together with first class services utilising a logical mapping process maintaining a constant focus on the clients’ location.

For over 10 years, Location Maps, has been printing high quality maps. They can design and print a comprehensive range of printed matter. Your presentation to your clients begins when you invite them to your offices. A Location Map is based upon our unique patented system using a sequence of maps that increases in scale size leading your client seamlessly to your door. They strive for quality and clearness and base their reputation on individual skills and presentation.

Once your map has been created they can produce for you a one-off map for your office wall. Printed on 10mm clear acrylic and fitted proud from the wall, their acrylic wall maps give a truly outstanding 3 dimentional appearance that will catch the eye of the passer by.

The digital aspect of Location Maps allows you to use their maps on your website without all of the ads that so traditionally accompany this type of product.

Whether it is a 3 dimensional artists impression or high quality re-drawn mapping from accurate Ordinance Survey data or the ultimate in website mappings, as the leading company in mapping for the education industry they have the reputation of being excellent in the field.
Sponsored by Location Maps.