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Friday, March 16, 2007

Cash In the Life Insurance Policy

A long time ago, we began investing in a life insurance policy because we had different circumstances than we do now. We knew we needed life insurance because we had small children. Knowing that their needs would be met if something happened to us was important. Most of us like to think we are invincible but, we never know when we will meet our maker. It is better to be prepared. We have invested quite a bit of money in that policy. Our children have left the nest and now that we no longer need the life insurance, we would like to find a way to cash in that policy.

I found a website with the means to help us with what is called a life settlement. Life/Viatical Settlements are managed by The Life Settle Company of America to help life insurance policyholders who no longer want or need their coverage. They will help sell our life policy to an investment bank. A viatical settlement is the same as a life settlement, except that the insured has a catastrophic or life-threatening illness or condition with a life expectancy of 24 months or less.

We thought we would have to settle for the surrender value. The surrender value is nothing to shake a fist at but, we are glad to find out we can to do better. This post is sponsored by Life Settle Company of America.