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Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Game Is Soccer

A couple of soccer enthusiasts decided that there was a need for a great soccer training program. This program is modeled around the philosophy that exposure to foreign language, culture and international soccer training abroad accelerates personal growth in young people. As parents we want our children to have the joy of traveling abroad. The EduKick program maximizes the youth's time abroad. Professional Soccer Training instills a sense of independence and pride amongst youth. Youth gain those attributes as the experience of international travel incorporates training essentials in other areas as well. Structured language study and cultural excursions are incorporated into the training of the athletes. Soccer summer camps that the founders attended were considered when designing the program. While those programs were useful, they wanted more of an experience for youth. It is a great program for youth because the young person comes away with a new look at life not just a game. Mr. Zimmerman reflected, "I wanted to get involved with EduKick because I know that team travel abroad has a tremendous positive influence on young helps them realize their full potential as they mature and begin to accept more responsibility. They see themselves as part of something bigger, they appreciate things more and begin to expect more of themselves." Joey Bilotta'a experiences as a youth involved in soccer as well as college and top-level amateur soccer only emphasized that philosophy. His involvement in the game after retiring from pro ball in 1991 continued as he became a spokesman for the game. This post is sponsored by