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Monday, March 19, 2007

Time Travel Forum

Have you thought about the future and wondered what it will be like? At HDRKID Time Travel Forum you can discuss things that you wonder about and see if others are wondering the same thing. What kind of clothes will we wear? Since they say that the styles always come back, will we be wearing buttom up shoes and corsets? What kind of music will we be listening to? Maybe they have answers for you. One of the question on the boards was "I know this may sound very extreme, but is there a way to communicate with the other myself living in another timeline via internet or any other means?" I am anxious to become a member of the forum and see the responses to that question. The whole forum is interesting. They talk about and bring up questions I never thought about. It makes me think! This post is sponsored by HDRKID Time Travel Forum.


Anonymous said...

I can't comment on your Xanga blog, but wanted to tell you I read your television post. :) Best, Deb