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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Store-It Colors

I never have enough storage space on my computer. Store-It Colors portable hard drives are the coolest, new way to solve that problem. Everyone who owns a computer needs one and now they come in the prettiest colors. There is no set up charge and no minimum purchase. The 40GB goes for about 60 bucks or you can go for the HUGE 160GB capacity, which stretches the line of cutting edge for 2.5" drives, at the sale price of $169.99. 60GB, 80GB & 120GB capacities also available. The external drive that I have now is in the way and I really hate it. These new storage devices are sleek and portable. That is so much nicer to keep things looking neat and tidy. I have been afraid to download very much music for fear of filling up my hard drive. Now I have that extra storage space that will allow me to have fun downloading what I want. Digital video files are a big concern because they use a lot of space. Problem solved! The fact that I can take this portable hard drive with me from home to work is icing on the cake. This post is sponsored by Pexagon.