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Thursday, May 24, 2007


As a small business owner, we have tried various types of advertising. We have had billboards all over the countryside. That was a treat to see our name in huge letters pasted onto a beautiful teal background. Billboard advertising is very expensive. Without some type of help from the large companies we are associated with, we would never be able to advertise that way.

We had premade commercials on our local tv station. That was an experience as we got comments on how lovely our children were and how shapely my legs were! For one, the children in the commercial were lovely but weren't mine! My children are lovely too. Secondly the legs in the commercial were not mine either. I won't go into a discussion here about vericose veins. LOL TV advertising is more expensive than billboard advertising!

We have had success in newspaper advertising and radio script advertising. How much of our client base is in the listening or readership area of those local venues is hard to tell. We keep plugging along with those types of ads in hopes that many customers will mention they were sent to us because of these ads.

With the Internet becoming more of a fixture in the consumer world, it is time to join those who sell on the web. I am looking into this with anxiety. I hope to be back with an update that says, it wasn't a big deal. I will let you know.