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Thursday, May 24, 2007

PPP Direct

I have come across a new type of advertising that is going to change the way a lot of companies get their name out there on the World Wide Web, (the Internet).

PayPerPost has announced the launch of PPP Direct. PPP Direct is the new way of advertising online where advertisers can contact a Postie, a person who writes for PayPerPost, directly and ask that Postie to write special posts on their blogs strictly for them.

Many advertisers have a favorite Postie whose blog fits the theme of their business. For instance, if an advertiser sells guitars he would love a Postie whose blog is all about music or even specifically deals with guitars. What a great match! The blogger who posts about guitars is already reaching an audience who is interested in what he has to say about the ins and outs of finding, selling, using a guitar. The advertiser is going to love being able to have those readers hear about his product through this Postie.

The honest approach in advertising is what makes this a better way to advertise than other ways like text links. We see links and boxes all over people's blogs but we don't really know if the owner of that blog really uses the product or not. If they do use the product we have no way of knowing if they liked it or not.

Another positive reason why this type of advertising is good is that it puts the advertiser in direct contact with the Postie. They can iron out any wrinkles in a post and improve an advertisement instead of paying for something that the Postie is frustrated writing about and the advertiser doesn't really get what they wanted in an ad.

For us Posties, this is a great way to make more money for our posts. When an advertiser uses us by clicking our badge, we are able to keep the majority of the money the advertiser is spending. PayPerPost's PPPDirect cuts out the middleman (including themselves) so that the advertisers get more bang for their buck and each Postie has the incentive to write the best possible post for the advertiser.

Maintaining the transactions through PayPerPost offers the Postie the security of knowing they will get paid and the advertiser is secure in knowing he/she will get what they paid for.

This is such a great program! I know that it will make me strive to become a better blogger so the advertisers will PICK ME! PICK ME!


Mark said...

I've read a few posts about PPP Direct, but you give a fresh perspective, especially about connecting advertisers directly with Posties. Nice work.