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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Its My Market

I was looking at digital cameras a week ago. I bought one for hubby for Father's Day. I already gave it to him because he needed it to document his fishing trip last week. While I was looking at the cameras, I came to the conclusion that my digital camera is obsolete. I guess I can't buy a memory card for it now. It is less than two years old! I think I will try to sell it in the classified ads. is a free classifieds site, providing free classified ads in my local area. is fun to check out because they also have a dating service. I love to read what people are looking for in the way of a date. Some of those ads are pretty far out!

It is a great site to check out the weather report and find out what is playing at the theater.

With all the exposure they get I should get a quick response from people who are interested in buying my camera.

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