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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bloggers Make More Money!

PayPerPost has introduced PPPDirect. Advertisers who have bloggers, like me, have requested the ability to contact Posties directly. This gives the advertiser the ability to pick who they want to blog about their product. Many advertisers like to be talked about on a blog like mine. My blog is very general in that I talk about lots of different things. Some blogs are focused on a specific topic like cooking or music. Those blogs don't always fit with the type of advertising say, an insurance company, is looking for. With PPPDirect, an advertiser can arrange, through PayPerPost, to have a specific blogger take their job.

Are wondering why an advertiser doesn't just contact the blogger and ask them to write a post for their company? Well, they can. There is risk involved in that type of arrangement. For one, there is no guarantee that the blogger will write a quality ad or that they will write the ad at all. Secondly, there is no guarantee that an advertiser will pay the blogger for writing the ad.

That is too much risk for me! PPPDirect acts as a type of escrow service where they hold the advertisers money until the post is written. Then PPPDirect pays the Postie.

What does PayPerPost get out of this deal? They get exposure. They are beating the bushes to make blog advertising one that is used more and more. They also make 10% of the deal. That isn't much considering 5% of the money goes to pay credit card and PayPal transaction fees. It is actually peanuts compared to what other companies get.

Most of the other, pay to blog, companies like ReviewMe charge 50-100% markup and keep up to half of the advertiser's money. This makes the payment the blogger gets a pretty low percentage of the amount paid. PPP Direct cuts out the massive overhead.

I am proud that PPPDirect asked me to tell you about this new program.


babyfiona said...

hey! you are one of the lucky one that gets the 1st PPP direct opp! Nice!