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Friday, May 25, 2007

Yo Matey!

Many of you have heard me say that my daughter is a pirate wannabe. It is true! She loves all things pirate. I have wanted to get her a pirate flag and I am so excited because I found a website where I can order one! Pirate flags actually tell a story about the ship they are associated with. The pirate flag, also know as the Jolly Roger or the skull and crossbones, was flown by pirates to induce fear and panic in the ships they attacked. This website has the Jolly Roger in two different weights. The standard pirate flag is made of a durable superknit polyester. The other pirate flags are in standard polyester, which are less durable. The flags are available in different sizes, colors and have different characters like the Deaths Head and the Pirate mouse. I'm picking the heavier one in the Jolly Roger style. She is going to go crazy when she sees this flag!

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