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Monday, May 21, 2007

Too Much Music?

My son and I had a discussion, this weekend, about the responsibility of musicians and their impact on youth. I think there is so much violence being perpetuated by music that kids listen to. My son said that he listens to music that does have violent lyrics. He is 21 years old and can take the lyrics and not be affected by them. A high school student might be impressed at what a college student listens to and want to seem cool. Thinking that listening to this bad a** music makes him look cool, he listens. His maturity doesn't enable him to take or leave it and finds himself depressed or feeling violent in the way he reacts to things. Constant listening to music with violent lyrics has a way of doing that. I quit watching soap operas because I found that after watching them day after day, I was becoming depressed.

Now, a middle school child looks at the high school kids on the bus and thinks, wow they listen to that music. I want to look cool. I'm going to listen to that stuff.

See where this is going? Parents need to be involved and know what their kids are listening to. They are going to hear the stuff so take the time and talk about it. Let them know that there is stuff out there that isn't so great if listened to over and over.

As I always say, Too Much of Anything Is Not Good. That goes for food, exercise, sleep and yes, music.


mercymom said...

I once critisized the lyrics of a song on a message board I frequent. Another member who apparently liked the song said to me "you don't have to agree with the lyrics to like the song." I'm sorry but if I don't agree with the message that the song gives I'm not listening to it!

p.s. you've been tagged!! Find it here-

Lisa said...

I have to disagree with you. One of my favorite albums of all time is Downward Spiral by Nine Inch Nails which I started listening to in high school. They lyrics are depressing and somewhat violent at times. They also helped me through some the worst times of my life.

If I feel down now, I put some Nine Inch Nails on and I instantly feel better.

Karen said...

That is an interesting side to this subject, Lisa.