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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

BizFive Directory

Don't you wish there was a directory you could go to when you want to find a type of business website but are lacking a name? Well, now you have such a directory. is a Business Directory that is strictly for businesses. It has many categories such as education, entertainment, and finance, to name just a few. If you are looking for a website on entertainment, you can click on that category and be taken to 5 other categories. Those categories are broken down so that you can get the specific type of entertainment you are looking for and not have to wade through hundreds of entries.

As a website owner listed in Bizfive, you will appreciate how BizFive's editors carefully organize information into relevant categories. That ensures that your business is found where users would expect it to be.

BizFive also has great news and business sections so you can keep informed of relevant topics of interest.

This site is going to be very valuable. Check it out.

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