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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I Love Grandfather Clocks

When I attended an auction a few weeks ago, I lucked into some old furniture for our lodge room that we had built. I noticed that there was an old grandfather clock listed on the sale bill. I was able to look at it and wasn't very impressed with the construction of the cabinet. The clock sold for an outrageous price. For that price, I know I can buy a beautiful new grandfather clock. I can choose the face and get the style of numbers that suits my tastes. Grandfather Clocks are a beautiful piece of furniture and really make a house feel like a home. At, I found a beautiful grandfather clock. I would really like to have a mantel clock, which they also sell in their store or online, but I don't have a place for one. I do have the perfect spot for a grandfather clock. I've always been a fan of Howard Miller clocks. I remember seeing that name in school on those wall clocks where we watched the minutes slowly click by. I'm sure that if those clocks lasted all those years in the schools, that means that the workings are of excellent quality and will last for years and years. I know that Seth Thomas is also an excellent manufacturer of clocks and has a nice selection of their clocks. Bulova is the cadillac in my opinion when it comes to clocks. Their clocks are gorgeous. What a beautiful gift this clock would be to celebrate our recent 33rd wedding anniversary!

See how the wood grain is different colors. We use all types of wood in our house so this would work well with what we have. I like the flat top rather than the decorative style shown in the picture at the beginning of my post. The wooden, reeded grills give it that Frank Lloyd Wright look that both hubby and I like. The face is not formal and would go in our new log cabin type room as well as our more traditional family room. The style doesn't lock us into only putting it into a formal setting. The price is reasonable and includes free shipping and setup. Thanks, for introducing me to your wonderful site and letting me tell my friends about it.


rus said...

my grandpa has one of this clock in his home, really nice...