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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Learning To Drive

I feel that some kids aren't prepared to get behind the wheel of a car and drive on our busy roads. Their parents only let them because they think they have no alternative. High School drivers training is offered and kids are anxious to take it so they can be cool and drive. Parents think that if they don't pay for their child to take drivers ed in school at that time, they will have to pay out the nose for them to attend a commercial type driving academy when they think they are mature enough to do so. Most people think that to go to a commercial driving school or take a course while in high school are the only choices available.

Please, if you feel that someone you love isn't mature enough to drive, tell him or her to wait. If your loved one or friend isn't capable of quick reactions or show anxiety when they think of learning to drive, don't let them until they get the problem taken care of. Some people are not alert enough to drive. They should not be on the road in a powerful machine that can kill.

RoadTesterz Driver Training Services is an alternative that works! They saw the need for private lessons or advice on how to teach someone to drive whom for one reason or another doesn't want to attend a commercial driving school. Their local service area is in Long Island, NY and can help you with scheduling a time slot for their services. They also offer professionally instructed private coaching sessions to enable you to teach someone to drive. If you are not in their area, they offer a free advice phone line to help you.

They also offer a training manual developed solely for teaching students how to properly train for and pass their road test. That manual would be excellent for anyone, experienced driver or the novice, to brush up on their knowledge of all the rules and laws pertaining to driving.

This is such a good idea. I hope it will make our roads safer.

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Paula said...

I remember preparing for my driving test - nervous as hell! I think I took some carmers from the local herb shop.