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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Wonky Vision

I might be wobbly but here I come! I picked up my trifocals this morning. That means that I am wearing glasses that have wonky lenses. These lenses have three different places for me to look. When I am looking out in the distance I am supposed to look in the top part. When I am using the computer, I look through the middle section. When I read, I look through the bottom part. I should say, I am supposed to look through those areas! I have to train myself to look through the right places! Me! Clutzy. I don't know if I'll be able to walk and see at the same time.

Edit: To answer a question in my comments: I am already feeling better with these tri-focals. I just couldn't get used to no line bifocals. with the lines, I know where to look to get the best vision and avoid headaches.


perros said...

My optician suggested that I consider bifocals but I am concerned that it will become too much of a hassle as you say. How long did it take you to work your way into them?