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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

AIMpromote Lead Management Software

When looking for a software program do you know where to start? I would start with the fastest growing software provider, AIMpromote. They are experts in the software dealing with sales lead management. Lead management and website analytics software has all the features you would expect, like visitor tracking and web analytics, plus more. Their clients are very satisfied and often surprised by the plans available and for such a reasonable price. The different plans such as AIMpromote, Leads360 and LeadROI, contain different features. The innovative Lead Attention Meter™, shows when a lead needs attention. It shows how close the sale is to being lost due to a lack of response. This software will keep your administrative tasks to a minimum. That allows your sales staff to focus their attention on closing the next sale. AIMpromote is the perfect way for your sales team to manage prospects and follow-up with sales leads without wasting valuable time performing repetitive tasks. All plans are proven to make your business grow as fast as possible. Integrating their system into your business will provide the best lead management solution. Right now they are offering a free trial. Take advantage of this offer so you can see why so many businesses are choosing AIMpromote. Sponsored by AIMpromote.


Joseph said...

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