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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Classified Used Car Forum

Hubby and I keep mulling over buying a car. Our car is getting pretty old and has quite a few miles on it. I checked out Classified Used Car Forum's Used Car Classifieds and had fun looking over the different models we have considered. I really like the Chrysler 300 and there are a couple of them in our price range. The one I am looking at is a 2006 model and only has 22,000 miles on it! Why would you buy a new car when you can save so much and get such a new model car? With only 22,000 miles on that car I'll bet it still has that new car smell!

On Classified Used Car Forum's website they have a free car loan calculator. I am punching in the numbers so I can see if I need to start bugging hubby about this. If it amounts to high payments, I think I will check out a smaller car like the Toyota Corolla. This website is awesome because it will save us a lot of leg work. This post is sponsored by the Classified Used Car Forum.