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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Best Calling Card

Pingo has the best global brand of virtual VOIP calling cards! Their rates are the most competitive of any long distance phone card. Being global, they are amazing when it comes to their international rates. As an incentive, Pingo is offering 4 hours of free International calls just for simply signing up for their discount calling card.

Pingo has no hidden fees. It will not be a shock when you use their card. When the kids left for college, we wanted them to have calling cards. They are the best for emergencies. Cell phones aren't always reliable and I just felt better knowing they could use their calling card to call home but not have to hold my breath waiting to hear how much it cost.

Over 90% of Pingo's customers re-order from them! That means that they have satisfied customers.

When Greg was in England and France this past summer he utilized international phone calling cards. The calling card rates for France were so much better than trying to use the hotel phone and paying astronomical fees and toll charges. His roommate had a bad experience trying to use cell phone telecom providers to call home. I'll bet Greg saved 90% or more on his call back to the states.

This post about Pingo phone cards, is sponsored by iBasis, a public company (NASDAQ: IBAS) and one of the largest carriers of international phone calls in the world.