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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Wouldn't it just scare the bejeebus out of you if you were at a beach and a body washed up to the shore? That is what happened in Florida. About 100 migrants, apparently from Haiti were being treated for dehydration Wednesday after their dilapidated sailboat reached the Florida shore, officials said. At least one person died in the crossing.Migrants are going through so much to get to the US. I cannot imagine how bad it must be to live in a country where you barely have enough to eat. Yet they have the big tourist industry. I think that stinks. I would never go there for a vacation.


Anonymous said...

Before you speak and discouraged people from supporting a country in struggle, you should first educate yourself of the situation. If you find Haitian swimming their way is because they are determined and even willing to lose their life in order to fight for a better life, something that very few people can do. Most people are willing to die in their misery than to take a stand and literally put their life on the line to seek for the horizon. The situation in Haiti is currently hard, but it's not without remedy. If you were to read through the news, you would see that much progress is being made to stabilize the living situation there, and with God's help, much is on the way.

Make some research first before commenting, and rather than discouraging visitors, which will in the end worsen the situation when tourism money is taken away from the country, show that you really care by supporting, not with money, but by understanding.