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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Science and Technology Shared

We have seen how things have taken off on the web. Wouldn't it be fun to be one of the first to take part on a new website? Sci-Edge is a social networking site for science hobbyists, technology and gadget geeks, and science fiction fans. It will be so much fun for people who are interested in these areas to have somewhere to go to talk to others with the same fascination. I love my Mom's website because I get tips on cleaning products and new recipes. The same will hold true for this new site. People will talk about conventions and shows. They might offer suggestions for a science fair project. Science fiction buffs can talk about that latest movie or book they were wild about. Members can also make money by blogging and posting links. The possiblities are endless. They will also have a quiz board, games, polls and chats. The site is new so there isn't much there yet. Be a part of this fun venture. It's free and the website looks awesome. This post is sponsored by Sci-Edge.