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Friday, April 6, 2007

Britopian Marketing Blog

There is a nice blog called, Britopian Marketing Blog. I am adding it to my favorites because it has really good ideas on how to optimize my blog. The blog itself is so neat and clean. I like that in a blog. There isn't so much stuff that you feel like you have to wade through the ads to find the content of the blog. As I read the posts pertaining to Viral Marketing I have learned of so much useful information. I am always looking for ways to increase the value of this blog and I see that I can let this blog owner do the legwork for me and present me with options for optimizing my blog. Whether the content is about social media or viral marketing I see that the research has been done so I can get the information I need. The blog talks about search engine optimization. I know what I have tried but need to do more to get my blog seen by more viewers. I plan to use the posts on this blog as a map to follow. Thanks to I can have fun with my blog and let them do the reading up at all the tech sites.

This is a sponsored post.