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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Rehabilitation Help

A good friend's son just cannot kick his alcohol addiction. It has taken a toll on all of them. Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a devastating cycle that destroys life's, families, and everything it comes in contact with. Why is it that some can take a drink and be ok but some are addicted? I notice one young man's name in the newspaper quite often as he is arrested for driving while intoxicated. He has written articles in the paper about how alcohol is ruining his life. He is my daughter's age. He has a wife and a baby. He probably started drinking at parties like the rest of the kids his age. The difference was he became addicted. It just breaks my heart. I feel bad but I am not trained to know how to help.

There are addiction treatment centers trained to deal with these problems and hopefully help people recover so they can lead productive lives. I don't know what they do or how they do it but because they have success stories I know it works. Rehabilitation HQ is a drug rehab information and referral service. They have experienced counselors available to answer addiction treatment questions. Addiction treatment provides hope and opportunity. Rehabilitation HQ has cultivated relationships with drug rehab programs in order to assist you in finding the best possible program for your individual needs. There is hope.

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