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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Doris Day

Don't you just love Sundays. Today has been especially nice because the weather has forced us to relax. Hubby wanted to mow the yard but there are low spots where the ground is still too wet. The mower would make big ruts in the yard if he mowed today. So, we have been watching old movies, doing laundry and eating cookies. The movie on now is an old Doris Day movie. They sure were corny! It is still fun to watch. Enjoy your Sunday!


Dale S said...

I don't think Doris Day movies were corney. I'm not sure you do either or you wouldn't be watching it. I'm a fan of anything out of the 40's and like Rosemary Clooney a little better than Doris because Doris was a more 50's. I have two of Rosemary's CD's and she had a beautiful voice.

Dale S said...

Karen, Nope, I was born in 1951. My father was in the service, 1944, and my mother was hanging out with a bunch of other ladies near the base in Pensacola, FL. She said they thought Dale was such a pretty name that she would name her first girl that. It's really fun to have a male's name and I always get asked if it's my real name, etc. I am not as lucky as you with men and ask myself why I'm not happily married. Was once for six years and then lived with a man for 12 years. I have six children which 4 are two sets of twins. I have a beautiful Hertiage Softail, 1987, that is pink with purple flames. So you watch TCM much? Dale