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Friday, April 6, 2007

Forum Offers Loads of Help

I have seen the ads for an alternative to traditional phone service. I like the fact that at the Vonage forums, I can see what users of the service have to say. The site is not owned by Vonage so I trust that the reviews are not biased. The forum sections give details about how to use the service in different situations. Facsimile, Tivo and alarms are issues that many businesses deal with when they think of changing their phone service. At you can read how others have gotten their hardware to work with Vonage. Telling how they did it saves you time as you utilize their helpful suggestions. Tips and tricks for tweaking data connections with Vonage® are going to help people avoid the frustration of setting up their systems because they can use information from users who have already gone through the process. What a nice, refreshing forum!
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