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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Event Registration Increases

How many times have you started to fill out a form online and get to a part that you don't understand. I have on numerous occasions. Usually I don't understand the wording of the question. It would be nice to have someone from that company send an email that asked why I didn't complete the registration. Sometimes it is OK that I didn't complete the registration. It was probably something I didn't really care to have or do. There are times that I would like to register for something and am frustrated at not being able to sign up. Being contacted would be wonderful! A unique new software feature in the event planning industry is allowing professionals to be more successful with the flip of a switch. RegOnline has the ingenious event registration system software. Businesses will be pleased when they see more response to their questionnaire or registration form. Functions will be better attended because interested participants were able to get tickets or order forms because they could get help filling out the form. Sounds like a great plan to me!

This is a sponsored post.