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Monday, April 2, 2007

Science and Science Lovers Joined

There is a great new site available for the science minded! Sci-edge is a social networking site for science hobbyists, technology and gadget geeks, and science fiction fans. Science geeks can take advantage of social networking and enjoy talking to others who love science as much as they do. There is a message board where information will be given about conventions concerning science subjects such as memorabilia tours or exhibits. The opportunity to participate in contests and quizzes might be fun for some. Just think of the help you could get when stumped on a homework problem or you need help thinking of a science fair project. Maybe you have an idea you'd like to share and get feedback from lots of other people interested in science. This sounds like a great site. I see it becoming useful to students and teachers as well as hobbyists and science geeks. Check it out!


Greenearth said...

Sounds a great site. Those are just the areas where I need some learning.