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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Buying and Selling Flickr Images

I love to go to Flickr and look at the fantastic photos. I often feel overwhelmed by the amount of photos there are and how to go about purchasing anything there. I had the opportunity to sample FlickrCash search for "flowers purple" and I got the real feel for how it works.

FlickrCash searches for photos on Flickr so I can put in a criteria and see as many thumbnails as will fit in my browser. Signing up for an account gives you the feature of saving search results. It is so nice to be able to go back to a project and look again or share with people you are working with on a project. It is possible to note, with a light box feature, which pictures you like so you can see if the others want to go with those pictures for the project. FlickrCash is going to make finding and buying pictures/images so much easier. That will make a lot of image sellers happy too! See the beautiful photos in my sidebar. That is a compilation of Flickr pictures chosen with the new method.

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