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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A New Adventure at Sci-edge

I probably told you about the cool Science website I found. Well, I finally had time to sign up and I want to tell you how much fun it is. They needed minimal information so it's not like you have to sign your life away to join. LOL I think it was the standard name and address they needed. Oh and your email address. I need to take a picture of myself so I can get my geeky face on my profile page. I think I saw avatars you can use too.

The site is called Sci-edge and has so much information concerning science that I'm afraid I am going to get addicted and spend all my internet time there. The social networking itself is so much fun. There are so many nice people who are interested in all aspects of science. Some of them are science hobbyists like me. They like to figure out how things work. There are gadget geeks and science fiction fans.
By clicking here you can sign up and they will know that I sent you over to check it out. I am checking out the games right now. You should see how many there are to choose from. I am playing Hungry Bob. LOL It is wacky!

Ok now I am going to look at polls. Hmmm, there are a few political polls. I see I can make my own poll if I choose to. That will be fun.

I'm off to the events calendar. I see that on April 28 there is going to be a Robofest. That sounds interesting. I'm going over to the chat area to see if there is anyone there who knows about it. You cannot believe how easy it is to get around at this website.

This is a brand new site, so new members have an opportunity to get in on the ground floor and make their mark. Imagine being one of the first to use MySpace. 

The site launched on April 2nd and I am hoping some of you will join me there and see how much fun it is. Sponsored post.