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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Longest Blog Comment Chain World Record Attempt

If you are a friend of mine or are in my family, you know that I love to blog. For you non-bloggers, it means I keep an online journal. Usually I try to keep my posts short. The same goes for my comments. I get to the point. However, for a world record, I would try posting a long comment!

We have all heard of the Guinness Book of World Records. People do some odd things to get their name into that book. PayPerPost has an idea that, really, isn't all that farfetched. There are many bloggers who do PayPerPost and most of us like to talk. The idea is to set a record for the world's longest blog comment chain and to submit it to the Guinness Book of World Records.

I think this is the first attempt at this particular feat. One of the people from PayPerPost said he thought the most comments he'd ever seen on a single blog post was about 350. He is shooting for 2,000 "unique human generated comments of 25 words or more each generated within 1 week of the original post." He stipulated that he, being the author, cannot contribute more than 10 percent of total posts.

I don't think this will be hard at all! I'm up for the challenge! After I have my first cup of coffee, that is.

Want to participate? Do you have a friend who would like to comment? Be part of the Guinness World Book of Records. Put your name down in history.


The story of a girl said...

Hello there!

That sounds like a spiffing idea! I think im the first to comment but if not oh well lol i really hope you win and get into the guinness World Records Book. I think i might try get in there somehow by doing something really random :)

Anyway good luck!

Love kat x x x x