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Sunday, April 8, 2007

The Obsession Meme

I just finished reading some wonderful obsessions at MomReviews. Funny thing is, I have some similar ones! I never thought about some of them as an obsession but by golly, I guess they are. Here are my top 5.

1. The internet. I wake up thinking about getting it turned on to see if I have any emails and if there are any opportunities waiting for me to grab at PayPerPost. I try so hard to at least make coffee for my hubby before he sees me pecking away at the keyboard.

2. Speaking of coffee, I love a new mocha type coffee that my friend got me started on. These are made at our local convenience/gas station type store. I fill a cup part way with regular coffee, add a vanilla creamer and fill the rest up with any flavor mocha. It is yummy.

3. I always have coffee with my favorite pie. I have an obsession for sugar cream pie. I cannot pass it up. I savor every bite mmming at each one like it is soo good yummmm.

4. My doggies have to be in bed with me. I have a hard time sleeping if my dogs aren't curled up in the bed with hubby and me. I know we would sleep better if they weren't but now that I am used to them being there it feels like something is missing if they aren't.

5. My obsession with a neat yard is one I am trying to overcome. I cannot stand to see a weed. I pick leaves out of our flower beds. We have river rock in the beds and I hate to see a stick or weed in there. It makes me so I cannot relax when I'm outdoors. When we go to a restaurant I want to pull the weeds out of their flower beds. So far, I haven't done it when I'm out.

This weed is bothering me.

What are your top 5 obsessions? If you want to talk about them on your blog, let me know because I'd love to read about them.


Elizabeth said...

Karen, it is so awesome that you did the meme! Thanks! Re: your obsession with your yard-the lady across the street from me is the same way. I'm just waiting for the day that she starts using her vacuum cleaner to get every leaf off of the grass!!

And hey, I see you are also on MyBlogLog. I'll try to find you there so I can add you as a contact, and I'll put your blog on the MomReviews blogroll. Oh, and I'll make sure you're favorited on Technorati. Nice to "meet" you!