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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cars That Change Colors

Did you see the new cars featured on They change colors. Silver isn't silver anymore. Black might not always be black. Around the edges of the wheel wells it might glisten in purple or gold. Where the body curves inward, hints of blue or red might shine from the shadows.

The secret is extra layers of coatings embedded with tiny metal flakes. The standard process for painting a car in a factory was - and still is - to lay down a layer of color and cover that with a clearcoat. The clearcoat gives the color a wet-looking shine and a sense of depth.

Now, the colored basecoat can be covered with a second translucent layer that could be a different color. And within that second translucent layer there could be little flecks of aluminum and those flecks can, themselves, be another color. Or several other colors.

I want a car that changes colors!