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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Can People Find Your Blog?

I write this blog because I like to write about my life. Someday maybe one of my friends from my childhood will find me through this blog. I check to see if people can find my blog by trying it myself. Search engine submission is the usual way people try to find something. I try to use tags that fit what I write about that way if someone looks up a topic that they remember me being interested in, they are more apt to find me. I also submit my blog to a lot of directories. When you use a directory you can look for websites by category. If they look under crafts or hobbies they will probably find this blog.

The Manhattan Service blog has all types of information about directories where you can submit your website. He also has tips for webmasters. There's a lot of valuable information for promoting your website. Offering website promotion and advertising is a major focus of his blog.

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CyberCelt said...

Girl, is that a picture of the seo guru? LOL

I took this opp, too.