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Monday, April 9, 2007

Point of Sale Products

Running our own business has become more complicated as we search for ways to improve our business. Point of sale systems have enabled us to focus in on products and find out which ones sell and which ones collect dust. At we have found refurbished point of sale products for prices our small business can afford.

There are many companies supplying point of sale systems and POS products to support today's retailer. At Vision, they are concentrating on the aspects that some POS companies tend to forget. Managing the repair, refurbishment and redeployment to keep those POS systems working is essential.

Retailers purchase new POS equipment with the confidence that it will work and perform up to standard with a high degree of consistency. Unfortunately, those two characteristics aren't apparent when refurbished or used point of sale equipment is considered. To change that perception, Vision set out to change the paradigm so that consistency is expected and confidence is earned. That means a lot. There are times when we have a choice to buy from a less expensive vendor. Service is what makes us stay with the vendor who has the same attitude towards service that we show our own customers. Satisfaction is the key to good business.

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