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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Insurance Is So Expensive

Well, since I am on a rant, I might as well rant about this! Greg didn't turn in his good grade certificate last semester so his car insurance went up by $300.00. They said he can turn it in and we will get a credit. He is a boy and not yet 25, so you can imagine the cost of his insurance. I don't know why males have to pay higher insurance rates. Have they checked into the statistics lately? Do the insurance underwriters still show males as being the higher risk drivers? All I know is it sure is expensive.

It is the law to have motor insurance on a vehicle. I don't know how people get by with not having it but I suppose it is because our jails are already filled with people so the ones who pull stunts like not having motor insurance are let go.

I always get valuable information at the Thrifty Scot website. They have a list of things you can do to help lower the cost of motor insurance. They recommend that you put an alarm on your car to deter would be thieves. An immobilizer is a great idea for keeping your car out of the criminal's hands. When possible, park your car in a garage or at least off the street. Decide if you need full coverage or could get by with fire and theft insurance.

I have talked about how good Thrifty Scot is for checking out the best credit cards and mortgages. They seem to know best about motor insurance too!


car said...

Yea, I think charging males more for car insurance is down right discrimination, but that's just my opinion. It's the same way in the US. I have some very funny videos about this on youtube...yea, you'd be surprised.