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Friday, June 1, 2007

Speaker Has TB

You have probably heard about the man who has TB. I have followed the story and the strangest things are intertwined with this mess. His father in-law works for the Center for Disease Control or CDC! Which department does he work in? Well, it would be the section that studies TB!

If you were in a foreign country and discovered that you had TB, would you call your father in-law and ask him about the consequences and just how to deal with this situation? Wouldn't your new wife say, "Hey, let's call Dad and see what he thinks we should do?"

What angers me is that the computer at the border flagged this guy and told the patrol guard to detain him. The guard took it upon himself to let him go because he didn't look sick. I guess that guy got fired. As well, he should.


Kari said...

I heard he was doing adminstrive duties right now. Makes me question flying to Paris in September.