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Friday, June 1, 2007

Information for You

Whether your computer is for personal use or for work, it is important to keep up with the latest technology. Geeks are Sexy is a great website for information that can help your computer experience become better and help you avoid any pitfalls already experienced by the authors or people they have come across as they research and use their own computers. They even offer product reviews on products not related to computers such as this LCD TV set

Significant features of the site are the reviews on various products. It is helpful before purchasing hardware or software to see if other users have liked the product. If they didn't like a product you can find out why and evaluate it for yourself. Especially helpful are the articles that talk about many things like hardware types specifically and different types of software. I have already found some useful information at Geeks are Sexy.

Did you know that a simple USB key, and even an iPod, could easily be used to steal data or to introduce viruses and other nasties to your network? Scan your network for usb related security risks is a problem that I hadn't considered and I really appreciate it being brought to my attention. I am ready to get better security software after reading how easy it is to get into a huge mess. The software recommended is used by the author and sounds very easy to use.

Enjoy this great site.