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Monday, May 28, 2007

Water That Tastes Good

If you are conscious about the water you drink, you need to check out a new website. is a wonderful site with tons of good information about why we need to drink water and why it is better to drink filtered water. Besides tasting better it is important to have filtered water in your home. It makes a big difference on the amount of scum in your shower and the rust build up in your pipes. I know that with filtered water, my hair is more manageable. In fact, without filtered water my head starts to itch. TMI! Whether you are looking for the cleanest water for drinking, showering or for the whole house, the benefits of having a water filter in your home are difficult to overstate. For owning a filter system has wide-reaching effects far beyond the staggering. Check out this website.

Press Release: provides info on the the health and economic benefits of home water filtration, with some recommended solutions for the consumer.

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CyberCelt said...

It is a good idea to filter your water because more and more there are drugs and other bad things in it.

Stopping by for C&C Monday. Have a great week.