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Thursday, August 9, 2007

California Surgeon

Last night when we were at a restaurant eating dinner, I felt sad. There was a lady who passed by our table who was extremely obese. I usually don't pay attention to weight because I don't have much room to talk when it comes to the issue of weight. In fact, if I lived closer to the plastic surgeons at Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery Center, I would be getting a tummy tuck.

We hear of all the celebrity plastic surgery but I know that many people have procedures to get rid of flab on their arms after they have lost weight. The Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery Center has strict privacy rules so it isn't common knowledge when someone has surgery.

The reason that I would choose this california plastic surgeon to do this type of surgery for me is the research of I done. Their website gives testimonials of satisfied patients. There is a complete write up of how the surgery is done. That makes me aware of what is going to be done. The surgeon, Lloyd M. Krieger, MD, is the founder of Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery Center and is a certified surgeon. He is an experienced surgeon so he knows how to make a patient comfortable and how to perform surgery in specialized cases. He has written many articles for leading medical journals and is a well respected surgeon. Don't let their location fool you.
Just because they are located on Rodeo Drive that doesn’t mean that they aren’t the most respected surgeons and take the upmost precautions with their procedures that include cleanliness and the best anesthesiologists who are also well qualified.
I would not hesitate to go to Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery Center . I have read where Dr. Krieger also studied in Chicago. I wonder if he would recommend a surgeon in my neck of the woods.

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