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Friday, August 10, 2007

Trials of Web Stuff

My sis has a blog The Coffee House that is doing the weirdest thing. It has a little box next to the name of her posts. In IE the box looks like a picture box because it has a little red x in it. In Fire Fox it is just a little box. Her pictures in her posts show up fine so we don't understand what is going on. I've gotten a couple of suggestions from the people at the PayPerPost boards but I'm not sure that they are the solution.

This stuff takes me days to figure out. How do people learn this stuff? I get one thing figured out and then find out I don't have something in my header and have to figure that out. I need a web fairy to come live with me. Anyone know where I can find one?


Kersson said...

Usually I design focused for only one browser. Sometimes I choose Internet Explorer. Other times I choose Firefox. If I want my website is compatible for both Internet Explorer and Firebox I try to reduce my design as simple as possible. That way I avoid a lot of incompatibilities.