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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Great Recipes

My family has been fortunate to have a Thai cook within the family. My sister inlaw makes the best noodle soup and egg rolls. I've discovered that a fellow postie, who is from Malaysia, has a recipe site. I was looking for the best recipe for something Malaysian and discovered her recipe for Sweet and Sour Vegetarian chicken. The recipe calls for simple things that I already use so there are no weird things I have to find. She gives directions on how to prepare the vegetables ahead of time to get that crisp crunchy vegetable in the recipe. I've been trying to figure that out! My vegetables always end up soft and mushy.

The dessert pictures on her site are going to get me into trouble! She has posted about her favorites like fondue from Haagen Dasz. My mouth is watering.

So, if you'd like some easy recipes for Malaysian cooking or just want to see her recommendations for some great desserts, check out

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