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Friday, August 10, 2007

Everybody Skate

All you skaters, which I used to be until my nickname became Clutzy, check out this great website. 123 Skate is the place to find everything that has anything to do with skates. From wheels to laces and helmets to backpacks they are going to have what you need. Their prices scare the competition so you are going to be one happy skater when you buy your skates from 123 Skate. 123 Skate is the website for Fritz's Skate and Surf, a popular action sports shop on the Miami strip. That means that they know their stuff. You will find everything you need if you are into surfing, skating, inline skating or anything with wheels. If you enjoy recreational skating or aggressive inline skating, they are going to have what you need to get started and keep your skates in good working condition. There's a reason they are a leader in online sales for both heelys and rollerblades. It might be their prices or it might be their expertise. They'll let you decide!

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Happy Blogger said...

I skated a lot when I was young, but the term doesn't even apply to my type of skating, I'm too old.

I tried to use my sons roller blades about 10 years ago, and couldn't even let go of the kitchen counter. Yep, I was trying to skate in our kitchen. My ankles kept turning. Of course it didn't help that I wear a 6 1/2 in girls and he wore a 12 in mens! That was the end of my skating career. Peggy