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Thursday, October 25, 2007

DNA Proves It

Can you imagine being imprisoned for something you did not do? It would talk a lot to keep me from slitting my wrists if that were to happen to me. Talk about hell on earth. I just read an article on CNN online that talked about a man who had been wrongly imprisoned for 22 years.

The first years in prison were angry ones for this man. He was in many fights and had trouble coping. He got involved in a gospel choir and that helped him cope. He is a free man now and is still adjusting.

I doubt that the state of Georgia will reimburse him for time lost while incarcerated. He heard about his friends having careers and getting married. Some of those friends now have grandchildren. He is just beginning his life.

Thank the Lord for DNA. How many people are sitting in prison who were wrongly accused. It is scary to think if it could happen to me or you.


Visor said...

hi! Well, DNA is not just restricted to crime related cases. Being a biology student I can tell you that genetic engineering has taken really BIG leaps.........who knows tomorrow you may be immortal if they find a living cell to host your DNA after your death.
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