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Monday, October 22, 2007

Let Your Customers Experience Live Chat

When I need help, I need help NOW! I am not a patient person and it is hard for me to have something broken and not know how to fix it. When my blog was down a few days ago, I waited to chat with a technician online. I could have emailed for support to help me but I like the idea of live chat. With live chat, I can be sure the technician understands my question. I can also give more information if they need it. I think live chat brings about results much faster.

Now, for a small monthly fee, any online business can have the same type of chat with their customers. By adding a single line of HTML to their site, they can offer LiveHuman support chat with customers! LiveHuman live chat is a great service to allow your customers to feel like they are buying from a real person and not a machine. Live Chat is a great feature to help potential buyers check out a product by asking questions. You can test drive LiveHuman for 7 days for free. When you see that the system works for your business, you can sign up for as low as $13 per operator for a yearly contract.