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Monday, October 22, 2007

Working At Home

More and more people are working it out with their employers to be allowed to do their work at home. I was reading a blog a few days ago and found that the writer is going through some rough times. He is a stay at home dad and working from home as well. He has discovered that nap times are not long enough to get in a quality amount of work time.

Working at home can be a challenge. There certainly have to be rules that set up boundaries of time and space. It can be a challenge to meet those boundaries.

I often meet those same challenges. I certainly met my share of challenges when my kids were small. My children are grown now but when they were small it took a lot of patience from them and me to make the stay at home thing successful. They had to learn to wait while mommy was on the phone and sometimes had to make their own sandwich if I was with a customer. On the other hand, I could take time to play games and be with them. We baked a lot and they learned about cooking. I think that their love of reading may have come from seeing me read so much. I enjoyed being home when they walked in the door from a busy school day. It is all about finding a good balance.