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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Do You Like Flavored Coffee?

It has been a little chilly in our house today. I do not want to turn on the heater and start paying those heating bills! The coolness is actually helping to keep me awake. I have not gone to bed before midnight the past two nights!

This is great sweatshirt and sweater weather.

I have been drinking more coffee lately. I love the smell of a brewing pot of coffee. I need to stock up on some flavored coffee. Do any of you have any favorites I should try?


Lynne said...

I love my Rainforest Nut coffe. The best flavor I ever had was similar to Almond Joy! I also love my French Vanilla creamer. Of course I buy the fat free!! :-D

Elizabeth said...

On Table for Five, I have an affiliate badge for Boca Java coffee. It is the ONLY coffee I will drink. Every six weeks, I get one bag of Lee's Caramel Kiss Island (caramel and chocolate), one bag of Beach Day Blog (hazelnut and chocolate), and then a bag of Vacation Villa Vanilla. I'm pretty sure you get two bags free when you buy two for your first order!

Edman said...

I can't say that I have much knowledge of flavored coffees. The one time I bought some flavored coffee beans it was a disaster. I would think that to get really good flavor from the coffee you could buy really high quality beans, grind them fresh, and after brewing add your favorite flavor syrup to the drink. I haven't tried it so I don't know, but this method would allow you to have any flavor of coffee you like, and it would probably taste very good. You can check out more coffee info of mine at Coffee