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Friday, May 11, 2007


Tonight we attended the Baccalaureate for Greg's graduation. I was dreading it because it was 85 degrees here today and I imagined sitting through a long boring ceremony. I was pleasantly surprised.

The program began with a very talented student playing the piano. Then another graduating student gave a short presentation followed by a speaker. This young lady gave a bit of a pep talk to her fellow graduates.

The speaker for the evening was the Professor who accompanied Greg and other students on their Shakespeare tour of England last summer. He was delightfully funny. His speech seemed short but that was because it was so entertaining.

A few other students performed songs and musical productions. A young lady played the trumpet and was so talented. Her notes were so fluid as they rolled out of her trumpet presenting a beautiful sound to our ears.

We were serenaded by violinist as we were bid farewell and that was it.

It didn't hurt a bit!