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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Real Estate, An Offshoot of Our Business

Hubby and I have been working with a partner as we venture into a new type of business for us. Since our partner has been buying homes and fixing them up to sell we feel he has the experience to guide us. We follow him a lot as he does construction and we do finishing work. Preconstruction Investment Homes is something that our partner is always talking up. The idea of a low investment cost and instant equity is a sure winner. The market value of these finished homes and duplexes are worth more than the land lot and construction cost to build the home. No mortgage payments are required during the construction period. Since the demand for housing exceeds available housing an excellent return on our money is projected. I'm ready to get started! Our business has been constantly working with this type of constructed home as we work with builders and supply the necessary products needed for a quality constructed home. It is rewarding to see how the investor gains so much return on his or her investment and again when the buyer loves their new home. Our business is very satisfying.

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