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Monday, May 7, 2007

Bug, The Movie

Not everyday is there a new movie that I am excited to talk about.
You can watch the trailer at YouTube and see for yourself. At first glance you might think of it as another stupid bug movie, but it is way more than that. Definitely not a movie that you have figured out in the first 10 minutes, it is a engaging bug movie that will have you in it's grasp and have you squirming in your seat. Lionsgate has produced many thrillers but this bug movie looks to be one of their best. It is an intense, mind-bending psychological thriller in which nothing is quite as it seems. The trailer had me scratching and looking for bugs! Just look at these beautiful posters and you get the feeling that something is happening and it isn't good! Do you see the intensity in Ashley Judd's eyes? Why does that top poster look like the woman is in the bug? Muwahahaha sinister laugh

The movie features Ashley Judd who I think is a wonderful actress. She really gets into this part and you will be holding your breath as you wait to see what happens next. Yummy, sexy, Harry Connick, Jr. is also in this movie. It is listed as one of the most disturbing horror movies imaginable. Directed by Academy Award® winner William Friedkin (THE FRENCH CONNECTION, THE EXORCIST), this movie is one you will want to watch with all the lights on. If you want to know what they mean by "First they send in their drone...then they find their queen" you'll have to wait until it opens on May 25, 2007.