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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bullseye Tattoo Designs

You just never know what you can find on the internet! My daughter will be laughing so hard and extremely jealous when I show her what I just did! I went to Bullseye Tattoos website and picked out the prettiest tattoo pattern! Then I downloaded the pattern for it. They have the highest quality tattoo downloadable patterns available to take to your tattoo parlor. They have so many Tattoo Designs but she knows that I have wanted a lady bug tattoo. She wants a fairy so I'm off to see what those look like. We are going to have some fun with this. They have a fairy with flowers and one with butterfly wings. Check these out, Stacy. Also, they have code for banners so you can advertise for Bullseye Tattoos on your website. See mine over there->
Some of the artists you see on our website and catalogs got started with by submitting artwork! We need to tell Paul about that! You know how he likes to practice on his arm.
Bullseye offers the greatest selection of tattoos.

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