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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Deja Vu

Have you ever felt Deja Vu?

Hubby and I watched that great movie that stars Denzel Washington. I really need to see it again because I am still wondering how things came together in the end. It is a great movie that will have you so tense. Not scary tense, but waiting for something to happen tense. The thought process of pulling this movie together boggles my mind! Maybe that is why I don't write in a blog instead of writing movies! It's a great one. Watch it!


Goldy said...

Hi Karen. Deja Vu was alright but if you want to watch a great movie that messes with your head and your sense of time see Memento.

Mike said...

This was a good movie, definitely interesting and mind boggling!

Kari said...

The movie made my head hurt. Cuz if you actually think about it, which my husband tried explaining to me, it really couldn't happen--he went into the scientific explantations of dimensions, I don't know, I stopped listening. It was a good movie if you don't try to rationalize it.